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Hey there, nice to meet you! My name is Tina and I'm the founder of XXL Scrunchie. After finishing my Psychology degree at the University of Ottawa, I realized my true passion was in the arts. So, I went to George Brown College to become a mural artist. It was then that XXL Scrunchie was born, after I made a Christmas gift for my cousin. At first, I did everything myself in my small Toronto condo. But now, I'm lucky enough to have an awesome team (who feel like family) supporting me, freeing me up to focus on marketing and creating content every day. A little fun fact about me: my go-to snack is white cheddar popcorn, my Crocs are white, and I can't resist a good matcha iced latte.


LANA (aka Mom)

Fabric Cutter

Hi there, my name is Lana. Let's be honest, Tina is writing this for mom because she's a bit shy, and that includes writing. When I showed her this page I was working on, she giggled! She always says "no one wants to see an older person online," but that couldn't be more wrong! WE LOVE YOU, MOM. Mom has been cutting our fabric for our scrunchies (and now pillowcases) since the second week of January 2020. She's an OG for sure. When I moved back home to get her help, she supported me in so many ways. She kept our work environment clean (which was my parent's living room and basement at the time until we moved out!), and made sure I was fed so I could focus on growing XXL. To this day, she still cuts fabric, helps every couple of days, and picks out fabric with me for our launches! A little fun fact about her: mom's go-to-snack is kiwi's, her Crocs are lime green, and she can't resist baking!


BANG (aka Dad)

Scrunchie Assembler & Local Delivery

Hi there, my name is Bang. I am Tina's dad (this is Tina again taking over!). Dad spoke to me in Vietnamese, and I'm just translating it for you all. He says, "Hi YouTube, hi TikTok, hi XXL Crunchie family" (and yes, Crunchie is correct). When I first moved back home, Dad helped me pack orders, brought ALL orders to the post office for me, trimmed scrunchie threads, folded fabric, stapled the tag - anything to lighten my load! To this day, he still comes in every day for a little bit (sometimes twice a day!). Dad has always been someone I can count on. If I need anyone or anything, Dad is there, and I feel grateful for becoming even closer to him since starting XXL. In a short documentary, Dad said, "I work so that she is more excited, so she can continue to grow, so I can support her. If I show up, she'll be happier. I would do anything for her." A little fun fact about Dad: his go-to-snack is M&M's, his Crocs are royal blue, and he can't resist fishing or golfing.



Head Seamstress

Hi! I’m Courtney, seamstress extraordinaire. I joined the XXL Team by complete happenstance in July 2021 after Tina saw me wearing an XXL Scrunchie out in the wild! Tina later reached out and offered me the position of seamstress, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be part of something so special. I have always loved crafts and creativity, and making something that brings joy to others is immensely fulfilling. A little fun fact about me: my go-to snack is dark chocolate covered almonds, my Crocs (and sewing apron) are purple, and I can’t resist a day at the beach!



Operations & Socials

Hi everyone, my name is Taetum and I'm the Social Media & Operations Manager at XXL Scrunchie. I joined the team in December 2021 after completing my degree in Advertising & Marketing. Originally, I started as an elastic'er, but my role has since expanded to include Order Fulfillment, Content Creation, Production, Social Media, and more. It's been a wonderful experience working in such a POSITIVE work environment with the BEST people! A little fun fact about me: my go-to snack is cheddar goldfish, my Crocs are teal, and I'm obsessed with interior decorating!


JOHN (aka brother)

Packer + Elastic'er

Hi everyone, my name is John and I'm Tina's older brother. At XXL, I help with elastic scrunchies, pack orders, and do a lot of organizing. Have you seen how many scrunchies and hair claw clips we have?! I joined the team in 2022 and simply told my sister I'm coming to XXL now. She was so excited, and I guess some might consider me the "favourite" brother. Working at XXL has been awesome. I watched my sister start this idea at Christmas when she gave the first scrunchie to our cousin. Seeing her work hard at home, move out, and get a warehouse has been amazing. I'm happy to be part of this journey and to hang out with our family every day. A little fun fact aobut me: my go-to snack is sushi, my Crocs are army green, and I'm obsessed with home renovations!



Local Delivery

Hi, I'm Jeff. Some of you may know me as Tina's partner, and Tina may or may not be writing this description on my behalf (don't worry, I made sure I had Jeff’s approval). I joined the XXL Scrunchie team in April 2021 and helped with the move from the first warehouse to the second bigger one. I even built all those shelves you see holding the fabric! Outside my job, you can find me making boxes, guest appearing on vlogs, and of course, doing local deliveries around Prince Edward County! A little fun fact about me: my go-to snack is strawberry ice cream, my Crocs are no colour yet but one day they will be red, and I can't resist making Tina happy!


CINDY (aka bestie)

Customer Service

Hi, I'm Cindy. Some of you may know me as “THE CINDY” or “HOST CINDY” and I started out at XXL Scrunchie helping Tina make scrunchies in her parent’s basement. I help pack orders, elastic scrunchies, came up with the “CINDY METHOD” to elastic scrunchies that is still used to this day. Since Tina moved to her first warehouse I also moved overseas to continue my education, I graduated with my Masters and am now working on getting my PHD. Nowadays at XXL I keep in touch with Tina and am part of the XXL SUPPORT Customer Service team! A little fun fact about me: my go-to snack is Lays Ketchup Chips, my Crocs are yellow, and I can't resist a homemade baked good.



Seamstress (remote)

Hi, I'm Mai and I am Cindy's Mom. p.s. this is Tina now and Mai is awesome, I think of her as my auntie and I feel like a part of the fam whenever I am at their place! I am a seamstress working remotely from our home sewing scrunchie tubes and seaming scrunchies since 2021! We call our house XXL Warehouse Numero 2. A little fun fact about me: my go-to snack is, my Crocs are light pink and I can't resist spending the day hanging out with my family.



Fabric Cutter & Scrunchie Assembler

Hi, I'm Su and I am Cindy's Dad. p.s. this is Tina now and Uncle Su is one of the funniest people I've met, I think that may be where Cindy gets her sense of humour from! I cut fabric remotely from our home and tag hair claw clips since 2021! We call our house XXL Warehouse Numero 2 as Mai said. A little fun fact about me: my go-to snack is Lays BBQ Chips, my Crocs are navy blue, and I can't resist seeing my family smile.

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Our team sews, elastics, cuts fabric, and packs orders from our warehouse in Belleville, Ontario.


Progressively synergize viral sources before innovative meta-services. Continually grow maintainable vortals after distinctive supply chains.


Progressively synergize viral sources before innovative meta-services. Continually grow maintainable vortals after distinctive supply chains.