XXL & CO is a clothing brand and home of the XXL Scrunchie. But it is more than just a brand—XXL & CO has grown into a community of friends.
It all started out as a Christmas gift! Tina is a mural artist and was making scrunchies here and there for herself to match her outfits. She used to sew them with a needle and thread and it would take almost an entire day just to do one scrunchie. Christmas was coming up and Tina wanted to gift something special for her cousin Anh Lan, so she made her an OVERSIZED scrunchie because Anh Lan has BIG hair! Anh Lan was so obsessed with her gift that she wanted Tina to make more to sell them in her salon, Vitality Beauty & Co in Thunder Bay. Tina and Anh Lan brainstormed all day during Christmas dinner to come up with a name. Then BAM... XXL was born. Tina worked non-stop to design the tags, make scrunchies, take pictures, package and ship them out! The first scrunchie was named Anh Lan because she inspired Tina to really go for it with XXL.
As XXL Scrunchie started to spread, Tina asked help from her mom (Lana) to help sew and her dad (Bang) to help assemble tags and ship!
Drawing florals and large scale murals has always been the centre of Tina’s happiness. To create something that was once not there—and using her art to evoke a feeling in someone—has always been Tina’s goal. Now by designing apparel, Tina is able to incorporate hand-drawn artwork into XXL & CO.
Life is too short not to follow your dreams just because you fear you’re not good enough. We strongly believe if you are consistent in your passion, if you’re putting in the work, you will eliminate the chance for failure and increase your chance at success. You’ll often hear Tina say #gobigorgohome and this applies to more than her oversized scrunchies, this applies to life. We’re all born to be XXL! #gobigorgohome #followyourdreams
You can learn more about our XXL Scrunchie creator and her career as a mural artist, at www.graphictina.ca
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